Simplified” that benefits all parties involved, including the patients and clients! The program targets large scale integration of traditional medicine and wellness coaching who shoulder-to-shoulder will tackle corporate wellness, community wellness, and patient/client wellness.  WOW Simplified is similar to a franchise concept  where standards, training, and support are provided by the centralized group and franchise owners can subset which products they want to start with. For example, a walk-in clinic may select a much smaller toolset than a family practice.

Our Vision: Impacting world health and economic stability on a massive scale in a rapid timeframe by partnering in wellness with the approach of Awareness (including mind/body/spirit connection), Prevention (nourish, balance, cleanse), and Early Detection (listening to our body).

Welcome To We Offer Wellness (WOW) Simplified

The Time is Now: We Offer Wellness (WOW) Simplified – a breakthrough program at the perfect time!

Mind/Body/Spirit Foundation   
Wellness Coach & Naturopathy Classes & Certifications 
Emotional Clearing Classes Onsite & Audio
      WOW Simplified 5 Core Classes Onsite, Audio, Video

Breast Exam Kit
"Listen" to
your body

Complete WholeFood 
The Yummy Gummys, Raw Food
Science Based Nutrients, Protein

Energy Holograms & Wristbands Alkalyzing/Detoxifying/Oxygenating Tonic
Discipline-Free Natural Quick Weight Control
Renewal Protocol for Weight/Health Control
 Breast Cream with Spirulina Algae
“Tune-Up”, Oxygenating Mag, Candida Cleanse

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Let Julie help you discover your way to better wellness, naturally!

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Our Mission:
Proven, comprehensive wellness education for health professionals, coaches, & consumers
Small, simple, safe toolkit with amazing “WOW” effect rating 10 on a 1-10 scale
Teaming approach that matches needs and skills for mutual benefit (professionals, coaches, consumers)
A solution for wellness, both physical and financial*, with minimal risk & cost,  maximum gain

Who Can Participate in WOW Simplified: Any consumer can request education and/or tools from a WOW Simplified representative.Any wellness practitioner, whether traditional, holistic, or integrative, whether their clientele is primarily adults, children, or animals. Any wellness coach or candidate with the right attitude and skills who is willing to get trained properly. Athletic professionals, boutiques, or salons might implement a small subset of WOW Simplified such as the energetic technology where nothing enters the body. Hospitals, fire departments, schools, birthing centers, pain clinics, corporations, sleep centers, gynecology centers, cancer centers, humane society, salons/spas/boutigues, workout centers, community centers with t-ball for pre-schoolers, daycares, senior centers, almost no limit to who can be a part of this program. If a person is neither a health professional nor a wellness coach, they can be either an advocate of this program (i.e. a trained representative) and/or a consumer.

Choose Your Role(s), Gain Awareness & Wellness, Optionally Gain Income: 1) health professional, 2) wellness coach, 3) advocate, and 4) consumer.

Platforms: Educational awareness and prevention tools with simplicity and also the “WOW” factor! See below how the platforms construct the Wellness Pyramid and click on underlined tool names for the “WOW” effect.

Wellness Pyramid
The “WOW” Effect:
Click on each of the tools underlined on the pyramid to learn about some of the “WOW” tools that rate a 10 on a scale of 1-10.

Health Professionals
Coaches, & Consumers
-Partners in Wellness!
Overview: Western medicine health professionals can benefit by teaming with wellness coaches and using their education programs. Wellness coaches can benefit by teaming with physicians and other credentialed health professionals.  There is a simple platform that can be utilized to achieve “We Offer Wellness (WOW)